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Aunt Carol
It was great meeting you May. We're so happy for you two! We'll be waiting anxiously for all the updates, great idea! Love, Aunt Carol
11 September 2006 - It was great meeting you May. We're so happy for you two! We

Ashlee and Nate
Hello everyone!!! Thank you so much for all of your love and support!! It really does help and we're going to need it!! I ask that you keep us in your prayers, and hope that everything will be okay. I hope to see you and talk to you all soon! We love you all so much and thank you again for all of your support.
11 September 2006 - Seminole, FL

Aunt Wheet
Hey Ash! You look beautiful! Enjoy eating for 3!!!! Stay happy and enjoy all that is coming for you and Nate! I love you bunches.
11 September 2006 - Seminole FL

Caron (future mom and granny)
Hi Ashlee, The website is fantastic!!! Bob and I had so much fun at your birthday party. You are such a sweetie pie and we are so glad you are part of our family too!!! All the pics are great. Luv ya babe.
11 September 2006 - Seminole, FL

Dear Ashlee, I enjoyed being at your party and beating you at darts. You look really great in all your outfits, but then you always look great to me. Lots of love, always Grampa
11 September 2006 - USA

Aunt Kim
Great job on the site and GREAT IDEA! The pictures are great!! It won't be long before the baby pic section will be loaded up, huh? Hope it won't break your server! *lol* Very, very cool! I love you guys!! ((HUGS))
11 September 2006 - Oldsmar, FL

Aunt Kelli
Hey Ash and Nate. Had such as good time at the party. So much excitement lies ahead and I'm so glad I get to be there for all of it. Love you guys so much!!! A. Kelli
11 September 2006 - Largo, FL

You and Nate will have alot going on in the near future and this is going to be such a nice way for you to keep everyone updated on the "happenings" in your life! We love you! Mom
11 September 2006 - FL

Dad |
Hi Ash, it's dad. Had a great time the other night! Did pretty good at the darts (great job!) Hope you like your new site. Just added your guestbook. Talk to you dad
11 September 2006 - FL

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