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Susan Thrumston |
Hi Ashlee and Nate,
Congratulations! The girls are so beautiful. I am so happy for both of you. Your girls are so lucky to have the two of you for parents. I can't wait to hold them. Love ya, Susan.
30 October 2006

Ruth and Rick |
Hi, Ashlee
Congratulations!!! to you and Nate.
Lovely babies.
We wish you both the best.
Take care.
Rick and Ruth Goltl
28 October 2006

Aunt Georgie |
Loved looking at the pics of the babies. I bet you can't wait to get them home and get them in your arms. Take this time to rest cause you surely will be a busy mom and daddy soon! Love to you all
27 October 2006 - VT

Jennifer & Julio (Moody) | |
Congratulations on your two beautiful girls!!! We wish you the best of luck and hope all is well!!
27 October 2006 - Largo, FL

Rebecca |
Congrats on the worlds most beautiful twins ever! You both have a lifetime of LOVE ahead of you. I have no doubt in my mind that you both will make GREAT parents...It wont be easy at times, but it will all be worth while! Ashlee...I couldn't imagine going through the things you have over the past 9 months, but you pulled it off and did a great job! CONGRATS and enjoy the little boogers!
25 October 2006

Kim Carmichael (Smith) |
Dear Ashlee and Nate,
We are all so happy for you from Canada!!! The girls look just beautiful and Mommy looks great too!! Nate you look like the proud Daddy that you are!! We hope and pray for a speedy home coming!! Our love to the happy new family. Aunt Kim Uncle Mark, Krista and Todd
25 October 2006 - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Crystal Jimpie, RN |
Hey guys its Crystal one of your nurses at Bayfront. I heard you are doing great and so are your beautiful baby girls. Congrats to you, dad and your family. We will miss you.
25 October 2006

Kelsey(the best babysitter EVER!!) |
Im so glad they are finally out and the surgery went awesome! Cant wait to see you all tomorrow!
24 October 2006

Aunt Wheet |
WOW - congratulations to you ALL!!!!! Both girls are beautiful. I already promised Sabrina ice cream "soon" and Vanessa pizza "soon"!!!! That sure was a good hot dog huh Ashlee!!!! Ha Ha. I love you. You did great - so did Nate!!!!!
P.S. Hi Sabrina and Vanessa!!!!!! You'll both be great runners soon!!!!!
24 October 2006 - Seminole, FL

Caron |
Hi Nate and Ashlee

My cup runneth over!!! Such joy on Vanessa and Sabrina's "birth day". Ashlee: You did an awesome job staying on bedrest for those two long months, just look at the outcome, two precious baby girls. You and Nate will make wonderful parents, and you made two wonderful little girls. I love you both soooooooooo much. Can't wait to cudle with my new grandbabies.

Grandma Smith or Granny Smith or Nanny Smith (I love it !!!!)
24 October 2006 - Seminole

Great Grampa |
Hi Ashlee,
Congratulations, you and Nate have two beautiful girls. You really made it possible for them to have a good start by caring so much for them. Your two months sure paid off. Love Always!
P.S. Hello Sabrina and Vanessa
23 October 2006 - Seminole Florida

Nana |
Wow - what a day! Still can't quite believe the babies are here! They sure are beautiful girls (of course!) and I know they will get a lot of love. I'm very proud of the way you handled the long hospital experience and I know how anxious you are to join the outside world again! Your lives are set to a new path now and I know that both of you will be loving and caring parents!

Much Love to you Both.

Mom (aka Nana!)
23 October 2006 - Largo

Mimi | |
My heart is so full today. Thank you for those beautiful babies that're going to bring us all so much love and joy, as you have always done. You and Nate are going to be wonderful parents.
23 October 2006 - fl.

mimi | |
Hi. Fun being with you today. you're on count-down now, so rest while you think you've got sleepless nites now....chuckle. Love you.
16 October 2006 - fl.

Aunt Kim |
Well! So we're going to have a new mommy and daddy tomorrow, eh? Just know that I am praying for you all. Enjoy your last day of "calm and quiet" because your lives are about to change in a most amazing, wonderful way!

I'll see you tomorrow!! ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))
15 October 2006 - Florida

Nicole |
Hey Ashlee. I miss you. Hope everything is well. I love your website and that HUGE belly. Hope you get out of the hospital soon and back to all of us with those beautiful girls. I love you. I will try to see you as soon as I can.
13 October 2006 - Seminole

mimi | |
Hang in there, Sweetie. Those extra few weeks will give the girls time to "beef" up a bit and be ready for their grand entrance into our world. You're being such a good mom, already and we all love you guys a ton.
11 October 2006 - fl.

Aunt Kim |
Oh - I meant to give (((HUGGERS))) to Nate, too! Hope you're doing well, Nate!!

Love ya' both!
8 October 2006

Aunt Kim |
Hi, Ash! Been following up on you from time to time. My dear you postively glow! How do you maintain a tan in a hospital room? =)

I think about you alot and have asked for prayers for you and the babies on the Christian message board I go to.

We'll see you soon! (((HUGGERS)))
8 October 2006 - Florida

Uncle John |
Looks like this one worked (at least for David).

I miss you so much, I can't believe that belly, OMG!

I can't wait to see you and Nate and those beautiful little girls.

I know you must be going nutzo in that room, glad to see you got one with a nice view.

I miss you and love you very much..

Talk to you soon!

Uncle John
7 October 2006 - Exeter NH

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